Getting closer to Easter

As we get closer to Easter, is it time for us to get closer to Easter.

We can sometimes really struggle to get close to people in our lives  or certain events because getting close can be confronting.  If i get close to you, i need to share myself more with you.  i need to get vulnerable, i need to let my guard down.  Getting close to people is scary.

It’s the same with Easter.  i find it quite easy to skim over Easter with the normal christian language of Jesus dying for my sins, that we throw around so easily, and not actually stop and get close to what this means for me.

when i let myself get close to Easter, it takes on new meaning for me. it speaks in a fresh way into my life.  most of all, it confronts me. it confronts me with what was actually done for me. it confronts me with my sin. it confronts me with what has been won for me through this act of death on a cross.


I did a chapel on this today and wrote up a small group discussion for out senior youth program tonight. this resource has my notes from the school chapel service, small group discussion questions and a prayer station guide for a time of quiet Reflection time.

CLICK HERE to download it and use it in your ministry.


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