Jesus doesn’t care about your dreams

Stumbled across this Article which is a letter addressed to American teenagers, But i think it applies just as much to Aussie ones as well.

In our ministry, what are we telling students that Jesus cares about? What message are we conveying. Because i can almost guarantee you that if your message is along the lines of “Jesus want’s you to be happy and fulfill your dreams”, then the students in your ministry will eventually leave and loose their faith because you have set them up with an unrealistic expectation of the role Jesus plays in their life. Their world will come crashing down, and you students will be left picking up the pieces wondering why Jesus didn’t live up to the hype.  Then they will move on with their life leaving Jesus behind.

If “Jesus can help you realize your dreams” is the best we have for students, then we need to rediscover our faith, because there is so much more than this.

here is the link 

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