Two Kinds of Heretics

Speech bubbles for Right and WrongI have been pondering for a while on why there seems to be only two options for talking about theology/Church/life/faith/God/Jesus in the public sphere.  Maybe it’s that these are the loudest voices and the rest just dont bother. Or is it that there are only two main options?  I’m talking about the clash between liberal and conservative that alwasy seems to lurk around any corner of social midea for most Christians. I came accross an interesting article today that i feel expresses a little of what i feel.  Frankly, they both make me uncomfortable and i can’t identify with either. i want to explore this more on here at another time but for now i’ll just share this link and leave you with my main questions which is, “Is there a third way?”


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3 thoughts on “Two Kinds of Heretics

  1. Richard Schwedes says:

    Tom i am wondering if part of the solution is that we focus on the Love paradigm ie…..Love God…Love your brothers and sisters and love your neighbour (which means anyone who comes into our severe of influence.)…when one of these is missing we seem to have a problem!!!….Another small part to the solution could also lie in the manner we relate to people is it as a coach, equipper, true friend and encourager or as a controller/critic/to pull them down(which often is about putting ourselves above them)!!! Patience also keeps coming to mind as well….thanks for sharing

  2. Lauren says:

    I think Don’s article isn’t talking so much about heresy as contradictory approaches to biblical interpretation. I recommend listening to the Shane Hipps podcast with the guys from beyond the box about his book Selling Water By The River. Great discussion about the lenses with which we view scripture and the lense Jesus used. If you can’t find it, ask Joel!

  3. Tom Schmidt says:

    Thanks Lauren. Yea, Joel has already got me into these guys. Will give it a look.

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