Dear Church -This is why young adults are leaving

It’s easy to come past “this is whats wrong with church” posts all to often on the internet. While I often find myself agreeing with much of what they have to say I also don’t find them very helpful and I don’t think they represent the whole picture or give a very balanced argument.  I came across THIS article by John Pavlovitz and thought it was worth sharing for a number of reasons

  • It gives insight into the fact that young adults are also disillusioned from “Big and Flashy” church.
  • I feel that the reasons he gives are pretty spot on.
  • The second half of the article becomes more of a cry for help, rather then a critique and i find it quite refreshing and confronting.

While i feel that John is very confrontational in his approach and this article has the feel of “it’s all your fault and none of mine”, if you can get past that, there is some good reading to be had here and some good questions are raised.

The main thing to take away from this is that Young adults are looking for authenticity and a gospel that connects with their everyday life.  So much of what they see in their church seems to be about something else or is just enough off target that it doesn’t connect.

They want the gospel in simple(simple delivery, not simple content), honest, and relevant ways that will connect with their world and challenge them to grow stronger in their faith.

read the article here

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