Small Group resources – Multimedia

  • – Explore with non-Christians or committed Christians How God is central to life in a age that believes it doesn’t need him.
  • – Full of videos that can either be used in worship (Apostles creed) or that are conversation starters that cover a certain topic or idea (ideal for small groups).
  • – the guys that made nooma have also done a bunch of other very good short film series / teaching series. This one in particular is very good and is packed full of creativity.
  • – Ed Dobson is dying from an incurable degenerative disease. those moving and challenging short film he provides so many challenges, and most of all provides hope.
  • – Great ten week apologetic resources developed out of Australian research of the average Australian person and their views on and objections to Christian faith.
  • – Really simple and straightforward biblical teaching Videos on various topics with an aim to cover every book of the bible. Each animated Video also has a discussion guide you can download. Make a   donation to help them finish the project.
  • – A Couple of good confirmation resources here. where there is a focus on youth ministry, there are also resources for all ages.

Discipleship Tools

  • – A Big Year -This is a way to intentionally follow Jesus through taking on a set of challenges each month that focus on the big themes of Jesus’ life and teaching. This can be done individually but is best done with a group of people that meet regularly. There is even A Big Year for families.



  •  – Reid Matthias and his brother in a Christian devotional blog dedicated to use the Bible to bring light to a world that is shrouded in darkness


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