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Trust and Teams

Do you trust the people in your team?

This could be one of the most important questions you could ask yourself when forming or re-evaluating your ministry team.

Without trust the effectiveness of a team is greatly diminished and the impact in ministry is reduced. So what exactly does trust look like for a team leader?

As i have reflected on this over the last week i have come to believe that there are two types of trust that a team leader needs to exercise and they are both very different.

Trust from experience and understanding 
This is the type of trust that does not come easily.  It only comes after long evaluation and consideration and prayer.  This is the type of trust where you need to suss a person out first and get to know them before you can trust them. This is informed trust.

if you are the leader of a team then it is important to exercise this type of trust when forming a team and letting new members onto a team.  You need to know and understand your people. Know their faith, know their background. What makes them tick and know if they are going to be a valuable addition to your team of if they will cause trouble. I have been caught out in the past forming teams and just chucking anyone on there without first getting to know and trust them.  These people have the potential to become a burden on your team and on your ministry.  Sometimes you can fluke it and get it right but, it’s not worth the risk.

If you leading a team, you need to be able to trust your team. To do this you need to know your team members. This means being informed

So what’s the other type of trust?

Blind trust
So maybe blind trust isn’t the best phrase to use but it gives a good picture of what I am talking about.  Once I have made an informed decision to trust my team members and let them onto my team, I can now have faith in them to carry out the tasks they are entrusted with. Sometimes I can even trust them with something I know that they might not get it right, but trust that they will learn from it.  It is a trust that puts a leader into a new situation and trusts that they will pull it off. It’s giving a Leader a group to lead and trusting they will not stuff it up.

Often I will have leaders come to me expressing their doubt in their ability to achieve a task they have.  I always remind them that I asked them to be on this team because I trust that they can do it.  I trust them with the kids in our youth ministry.  The leader might not see it in themselves, but I do and I trust them and I make sure they know this.

What is really going on here with these two types of trust is that one is about character and one is about ability.  I need to know my leader’s character is solid before I let them onto my team.  once I have chosen to trust that, I am happy to trust them with any task because even if their ability may not be up to scratch, I know their character is. And no matter how the task turns out, i trust that they will grow and learn.

So really both trust are about their character but the second allows me to empower my team and show them I believe in what they are capable of.

So how are you trusting you team?

If you can trust them. How are you empowering them with your trust?

If you can’t trust them, what are you doing to address this, reconcile or maybe adjust your team so you can trust and empower them?


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