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A year of very much and very little

So this year has been busy. Not only have i been working full time and probably taking on to much responsibility but also i have been studying on the side as well which has taken me out of ministry for another solid month. So to say that i am worn out is an understatement.

here is the thing. I thought i was doing it for God. I thought i was glorifying God through all my busy work. I thought that if i didn’t do it God couldn’t work in students lives. I was doing lots of ministry and programs and events that other people looked at and Said “WOW, your doing such a good job tom”. this is what i was feeding of. only now as i come to the end of the year am i starting to realize how little my “so much” has produced. maybe in Man’s eyes it is amazing and a good effort but for the Kingdom, i have my doubts. Sure God has used it, but i can see the cracks as well.

In trying to “do everything” for God, i am starting to realize that i have done very little.

I have been to busy to catch up and care for my leaders.

I have been to busy to spend that time listening and caring for students

I have been to busy to walk with new Christian and help them grow a solid foundation in Christ

I have been to busy to care for my own spiritual welbeing

I have neglected the core things of Christ to pursue to big things of Man. I have chased after my own need to achieve and do a good Job and have others approve, that i have made myself too busy to simply nurture souls.and this is the core of youth ministry.

you see, the nurture of souls is not something that can be measured with key performance indicators. It isn’t evident in any big and flashy way. It cant be seen with a big event and it’s not something i can easily get up in from of people an say “look at this, this is what i have done”.  It’s life, it’s the simplicity of being alongside kids as they navigate life. Equipping them with spiritual tools to help them along the way and grow them closer to God. sometimes this work takes forever to bear fruit, to even be sure if you are making a difference.

As 2011 comes to a close i realize that i have committed the number one youth ministry sin. i have run events and programs at the expense of being with people and helping them know and grow in God.

How did i ever get here?

Easy really.

1) I thought i has the skills and knowledge to do good ministry (instead of relying always on the spirit working in me).

2) I thought that the more “I” did the more God could work through all these great things. but in fact, the less i do, the more i must turn myself and the people I’m working with towards God.

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Being busy for Jesus is still a sin

It’s it funny how things strike us. how something that now seems so obvious come as a surprise when the voice of God confronts us. i was at the end of a very busy few weeks, or months you could say. however my devotional time had been lacking and i hadn’t spent any decent time with God in a few weeks.

i got up early in the morning to get back into it (not that early really) and i sat down and started by apologizing to god for not having the time for him over the last couple weeks. it went something like this, “I’m so sorry God that i haven’t had much time for you recently, it’s just that i have been doing this mission trip and this church event, and this youth camp and ……..” before i could finish the list in my head i was interrupted by a strong and confronting thought. in the middle of me making excused for not being with God, God interrupted me and clearly said “your being busy working for me, is not an excuse for you Sin of neglecting me”.

Wow, i was taken aback. God’s rebuke was so strong and sure that in a flash he had revealed what was really going on. here i was trying to pretend that i was being all holy and important in serving him, but the reality was that i was being busy propping up my self worth and reputation. God never called me to be busy, he never asked me to fill up me weeks so much that i don’t even have time to be with him.

i had forgotten that this is Gods first and most important call on my life. to be with him.everything else is secondary. in Matthew 7 22-23  Jesus says “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!


just because i do things for Jesus doesn’t mean that i know him. in fact, the heart of Jesus and what he requires of us is to know him. that’s it. First and foremost before anything else Jesus wants us to know him.  Don’t ever let your doing things for God substitute your being with God. they are not the same, not even close

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