If you are a Christian, you live with the reality that Australia and the western world is becoming more and more hostile to what you believe. It is becoming more and more uncomfortable to be a christian in the public sphere. In Australia over the last 10-15 years the attitude towards christian belief has changed from tolerance to hostility. Not physical hostility but an attitude that if you believe in God you are stupid, illogical and behind the times. Almost a sense of pity that you would subscribe to suck out of date beliefs. Here is a great sermon from Mark Sayers about our aversion to discomfort and how we can live openly as Christian is this culture. Click the title above to listen

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You tube Faith talk

You tube Faith talk

The guys over at the Rethinking Youth Ministry blog are doing a great series on creating faith discussion around you tube clips. This weeks is on the meaning of life and is particularly worth sharing. There are three videos and a bunch of questions for reflection.  A whole your night or small group discussion could be done around this.

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